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It all starts here with this easy-to-use online video program that will help you discover compassionate, guilt-free eating

"I love Michelle’s 'Food, Freedom & Fun' course! In what will probably only take a few minutes a day, this course will help anyone move from a difficult relationship with food into a much more peaceful one using the principles of Intuitive Eating. Each video covers the concepts thoroughly yet concisely, and the additional readings and journal activities will take you deeper into the work. I love anything with a practical component, and this course has it in spades! You’ll get to actually practice the eating skills you learn about – essential for getting past dieting mindset and into honoring your body’s inherent eating cues. I wish this course had existed when I ditched dieting many years ago – I wouldn’t have struggled nearly as long as I did trying to figure out IE on my own!"

-Glenys Oyston, RDN

Dare to Not Diet

what if you could...

You've considered hiring a professional, but don't have the time or the financial resources

Confidently move through your day without food worry or guilt

Stop the constant mental and physical tracking of calories, "points" and learned to trust your body again

Fearlessly choose movement that feels great to you

Free up your thoughts about dieting and weight so you can enjoy your life!

Understand what's really causing the chronic emotional overeating

Feel comfortable in your body and gave yourself permission to buy clothes you love

Well, now you can with the Food, Freedom & Fun online course

"I love this course! I think it's very well organized and simple to get through. It's not a huge commitment, but it does require some time and focus. Michelle's kind and confident tone and the presentations are really encouraging and helpful." ~Emily A.

the Food, Freedom & Fun course includes:

12 comprehensive, easy to follow educational videos which you can view at your own pace as often as you like

Helpsheets & activities to help personalize your learning and deepen your understanding of the concepts taught in each video

Access to our private Facebook group where you'll receive support and hang-out with other like-minded women

Unlimited access to the program so you can watch the videos as often as needed 

"The 'Food, Freedom & Fun' program validated for my choice to practice IE. This really drove home all the positives I hope to achieve with my new way of life. Overall, I thought it was very easy to follow and supplied a ton of good information without feeling like I had to do a lot of 'work'. I'm on the right path and you confirmed it! It was really good to hear from a professional that I'm making good decisions. What really stood out for me was the module on gentle nutrition. It's difficult to learn to trust my body and I still have moments in the evening when I think 'Man, I shouldn't have eaten/should have eaten blah blah blah' but really, my body will tell me what it needs and when.

This course is a great value especially if you take into account how much the average person spends on diets and diet related crap during their life." ~ Jessa N.

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