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“Michelle’s true gift is her deep understanding of Intuitive Eating and her compassionate nature. Working on food issues can bring up a lot of shame so it’s essential to work with a kind, non-judgmental coach. Michelle shares a lot of herself with her clients and offers a lot of support through her Facebook page. Personally, it was natural to work with Michelle when I was facing emotional barriers as I already felt comfortable with her through our online interactions. She helped me to highlight where I felt stuck and offer strategies to overcome my challenges. I highly recommend working with Michelle, it’s a great investment in yourself!”

~Isabelle M., Ontario Canada

“I want to shout from the rooftops because of what Michelle has done for me! Before finding her, I was self-sabotaging myself with emotional eating, hating my body, feeling guilty over the foods I was eating and feeling like I was never going to get ‘free’ from the vicious cycle.

I found Michelle through Facebook and when I saw that she works with clients with emotional eating I knew I had to reach out to her! I learned so much about myself and about eating, body image as well as learning about emotional triggers, self-sabotage, perfectionism, “comparisonitis” and not enoughness. This was not just about food and body…Michelle helped me to be a better person!! I am literally crying right now because I know I was meant to meet her and get help from her. I’m so thankful for that because she literally changed my life for the better and has empowered me to help others do the same. Thank you Michelle!”

~Stacy V, NY


“I did not even know where to start but we talked and I poured my heart and life story out to her. As I said, I had some skepticism, but once our conversation got going I had an overwhelming feeling of comfort, support and positivity. She then told me she KNEW she could help me. It wouldn’t be easy and it wouldn’t happen overnight but we would go together on this journey. Every session I’ve had I am validated, I am supported, I am loved. Her knowledge of body love and inspiring me to be the best I can be where I’m at right now is beyond words. Michelle has taught me how to talk to myself with unconditional love. My negative self talk has taken a back seat, but when I struggle she is an e-mail away with words of kindness and encouragement. We’ve just started my journey with intuitive eating and after 2 weeks I am slowly, slowly breaking old habits and trying new, different approaches. I’m not as scared anymore. My entire life has changed for the positive. This I know because my family notices and most importantly my kids and husband see a healthier wife and mom. Right now, I practice body neutrality daily, working towards unconditional body love with Michelle right by my side.”

~ Sam F., IA

“Michelle honors where you are, meets you there and provides compassionate guidance with every step.  Authentic coaching that allows you to be vulnerable and honest. I was overwhelmed with life and studying for a major professional exam and Michelle was able to advocate ways I can really take care of myself and help tame that tough critic in my head beyond eating. Michelle is an incredible cheerleader for you living your best life and even after several months after our sessions have ended, I carry on a healthier relationship with food and prioritize my self-care thanks to her powerful coaching.”

~Anna D., Chicago, IL


“After over 30 years of dieting off and on, I learned about the book Intuitive Eating while browsing through a weight loss forum. I floundered around with IE for about 6 months before meeting Michelle via a Facebook group. I had the pleasure of working with Michelle via telephone to further my recovery from dieting and self hate. I’ve been in many face to face therapy sessions and was a bit reluctant to meet via the telephone. All my fears were calmed! After learning about me, Michelle was extremely thoughtful in determining what would be helpful in my next steps on my no-diet and self-love lifestyle. Michelle is genuinely caring and kind. I felt very accepted by her and the private sessions were helpful for me. She provided recommended readings and short videos that have assisted with my new journey of being a intuitive eater! I am very grateful for Michelle’s experience, wisdom, and kindness.”

~ Melissa C, WA

“Michelle was an absolute pleasure to be coached by. Her approach to the topic is fresh and feels more at ease with my soul rather than jerking myself in and out of a diet or extreme fitness routine.

Talking about such in intimate topic such as eating and our bodies is something that requires immense trust. Michelle brings an essence that she is worthy of that trust with genuine kindness, love, and complete presence to the topic at hand and to myself as an individual.

Michelle’s approach is not only individualized it is realistic for long term health in body, mind, and spirit. ”

~Jaime W.


“Michelle was a wonderful facilitator as well as a wealth of information. She helps you not only look at the various reasons as to why one turns to food  for comfort  but challenges you to dig deep and explore the real reasons why food has become a comfort.  She provides a wealth of support and tools to help look beyond food and offers concrete suggestions on dealing with difficult situations without turning to food.

As a women’s health nurse practitioner,  I would have no hesitation referring patients to her who are grappling with food issues.”

~ Iris Stendig-Raskin, MSN, CRNP, WHNP-BC, Bethleham, PA

My name is Emily and I am a wife, a mother to 5 children, a homeschooler, a doula, and a friend. My life is full. I have much to be grateful for, but I have so much going on that it has been a real struggle to put my emotional and physical health at the top of my priorities. I have spent the last 25 years being obsessed about food and body. I’ve been anorexic, I’ve been overweight. I’ve dieted countless times. But, the biggest struggle, as I’m sure you can understand, has been in my own head. I have decided that this is my time. I have to be my own priority, even with the crazy, busy life I lead.

“I came to Michelle at rock bottom. Disgusted with myself. My brain obsessed and constantly vicious in its criticism of my body, weight, and food issues. I felt so frustrated and hopeless. I had toyed with the ideas of intuitive eating for 6 years but had never put anything into practice. I knew that I could never diet again but I didn’t know what to replace it with. Eating uncontrollably wasn’t working for me, either. I searched for Intuitive Eating Facebook pages, and that’s where I found Michelle. Sweet, gentle, affirming, empathetic, funny Michelle. I posted a few desperate posts, hoping to find people who understood my mental war. She responded with such kindness and understanding, as did many others. I decided to hire Michelle to help me walk through this Intuitive Eating journey. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, and the people in my life certainly do not speak the same language. I needed someone to regularly be touching base, asking me how I was doing with food, challenging me, and understanding where I was coming from. I was ready.

Michelle and I have now worked together for three months and I have decided to hire her for another 3 months because I feel like I have just begun to grasp what this is all about. This is a journey, not an overnight awakening. It has been three months of ups and downs. I have written emotional emails describing the hopelessness and frustration that comes with making major life changes. I have cried on the phone with her as I work through my personal struggle and grief as I let go of my food obsession. And, I have laughed and rejoiced as I have clearly seen tremendous victory and progress in this process. I’m not done.  It’s taken so much work, but it’s work I’m proud of. Michelle’s suggestions, homework, and thoughts have given me hope and momentum in my journey. I am so grateful to her. I can’t wait to see what the next three months brings and I feel SO much more hopeful. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can envision a day where food isn’t my main focus and where my body is something I love, nurture, and care for. Thank you Michelle!”

~Emily A., Iowa

“Thank you so much Michelle for being a part of my life! Michelle is not only supportive but her friendly and approachable attitude makes her feel like a true friend.  They say that people enter your life for a reason – Michelle entered mine to help me walk through the dark tunnel towards the light and to fine my inner peace, to respect myself and love myself.  Thank you Michelle!!”

~ Stephanie V., NY


“By being a part of the “All Foods & Bodies Fit” webinar series, I have finally learned to stop eating when I am full! Michelle Vina-Baltsas has given me the skills to recognize when I am beginning to feel full and to stop instead of continuing to eat. What a great feeling that is!  I can also eat sweets and not feel guilty. I no longer eat all of the package, just enough to satisfy my craving.
Working with Michelle I have learned that food is no longer in control of me. I am in control and feeling so confident about myself now.”

“The “Going Beneath the Surface” class has opened my eyes to so many reasons for eating emotionally.  Of the 6 week sessions, I learned so much in the self sabotage and forgiveness weeks.  I know have a toolbox to open when I am struggling with emotional eating.  If you are struggling with emotional eating this class is well worth the investment.”

~Gale R., Rome, Italy

“Working with you has gotten me to a new level of self acceptance that has removed the burden of being so hard on myself.  Our conversations made me feel focused on taking care of myself in positive, tangible ways that work for me personally.  You helped me stop and take a look at things that I really enjoy doing and make them priorities.  That just makes my whole life work better. It’s so easy to get in the habit of all the “shoulds” I have going on in my head.  Things others have said, things the media shouts at us. It was so good to make connect with you and learn from you.  So many people still think you should punish yourself for not being the right weight by difficult, unenjoyable exercise and restricting and depriving food choices.  Once I saw past those negative thoughts that haven’t worked for years, I didn’t feel so resistant to exercise and healthier choices of food.  I no longer feel deprived or ashamed.

I’m so grateful I took the time make me and my self care a priority.”
~ Julie T., CA

“The biggest change I’ve experienced from the “All Foods & Bodies Fit” webinar series is that I can really tune in and listen to my body. I know when I am hungry or bored. This is huge for me. My favorite part of the course was learning about Intuitive Eating and learning to be mindful. If a friend asked me about this program I would say ‘Do it! It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. This has made a world of difference in my thinking and approach to food. I owe it all to you, Michelle. You were able to teach me new ways. You’re simply the best at what you do’.”

~Andrea S., Missouri

“I reached out to Michelle for her “All Foods & Bodies Fit Clarity Session” because I knew what I needed to do to eat mindfully, but I couldn’t seem to do it. I needed someone to help me figure out how to go from knowledge to action. Michelle is great at helping you make that transition, so if you’re struggling to really apply the principles, these sessions are a great way to get there! Sometimes you just have to admit that you need a little extra push and ask for help. “

~ Jen S., IN

“I started working Michelle in the fall and I’m now able to think about food mindfully and enjoy meals, not rushing through them to get onto my next task. I highly recommend the Food, Freedom & You Quick Start program if you are struggling with emotional eating, cravings or mindless snacking. By working with Michelle the biggest change in my life is being aware of my feelings about food and that food has NO power over me.

By using the handouts provided, it has made it much easier for me to focus on what was bothering me about mindless snacking and why I was doing it. What I like most about the her approach is talking with her on the phone every other week and then having a plan to practice what I learned at home. What I learned while working with Michelle that has helped me reach my goals the most is that I am worth it! I’m worth all of it, the time, the energy and the fun I want from life!

Thank you, Michelle, for giving me sound strategies to help me make peace with food.”

Jennifer S., Texas

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