I have the privilege of interacting with women every day either by phone about their relationships with food and body either by phone, Skype or Facebook. Women are often frustrated and obsessed about white flagfood…how much to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. Let’s face it, the media certainly doesn’t make this easy for any of us!
All of this diet talk makes everyone nutty and fearful around food.

To make matters even worse, we’re constantly being told about the obesity epidemic in this country and how the frequency of chronic illnesses are rising every day. Talk about scary!

Sadly, the media’s attempts to scare everyone down to their optimal or “goal” weight is not exactly working either. Why is that? Because what they propose we do to arrive at that weight requires lots of deprivation. If you haven’t figured it out yet, deprivation leads to more overeating and often times bingeing.

The truth is that diets DON’T work and never will. Diets will continue to fail you every single time. Period. In fact, research shows that over 97% of diets fail. Now those a pretty grim statistics, right?

While consulting with a woman this week, she confessed that needed to lose weight because she was afraid of acquiring type 2 diabetes or heart disease. I sat quietly and listened intently after she finished, she followed up by asking which diet I would recommend. When I told her that I didn’t believe in dieting, I sensed a jaw dropping blank stare as if she was about to say “I’m confused, isn’t that what you do?”.

The truth is, I don’t offer my clients diets. Instead, I offer knowledge, guided support, and lots of love and compassion so that they can discover freedom from food and body once and for all. I guarantee you that no diet will ever do that. Once my clients are equipped with this priceless knowledge, they won’t need or want to diet again…ever!

I love helping women to unravel all this BS. It’s my passion. I wrote a new guide titled “Why Diets Fail You: 11 Alternatives to Dieting That Give You the Freedom You Crave” that outlines all the physical and emotional dangers of chronic dieting. For example, did you know research indicates that chronic dieting can be equally dangerous as the obesity epidemic?

Don’t be afraid to wave the white flag and give up dieting! There is another way to truly live your life without constant food obsession and worry.

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