For years I struggled in my relationship with food and body by emotionally eating, binge eating and poor body image. It was a tortured existence and I tried countless diets (some more than once) in hopes of finding the one that would ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ me.

I tried my hardest to feel like I measured up, but kept repeating the same harmful habits, was still expecting myself to be perfect, couldn’t release or let go of past hurts, and was continually triggered by things that people would say and do.These were the kinds of things that would send me running to the refrigerator to eat until I was overstuffed and numb.

After finally finding a mentor who was able to help me work through my deep seated emotions, I was able to come to a more peaceful and accepting place. When this happened, my heart became open to learn new ways of acting instead of reacting to everything. Slowly but surely I started to feel better about myself, felt more balanced, more confident, less reactive, and for the first time in decades, food was no longer my number one coping mechanism. I feel like I’ve lost at least 100 lbs. of emotional weight (sometimes called emotional baggage) in just a few months!

What I learned was so powerful that I knew I wanted to share it with others. That’s why I created this 6-week masterclass. I wish I had the tools I’m going to teach you decades ago because it would have saved me years of anguish!

The Going Beneath the Surface: A Masterclass to Claim Your Enoughness has the potential to transform your life and exponentially improve your relationship to food and your body in a unique and deliberate way. With every module, you begin shedding the emotional weight that you’ve been carrying around so you can feel more confident, joyful, and free. And, the best part about this is that you’ll have my loving support and expertise for the whole time. This will make ALL the difference! 

The Going Beneath the Surface Masterclass for Women is designed to help you transform how you feel about yourself on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Each module will help you to see yourself through a new lens so you can shed your old negative beliefs you’re been feeling about yourself for so long.  

Over time, you’ll recognize the truth: That you were born enough. 

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