How are you feeling about your food these days? I hope that you’re feeling grounded, confident and worry-free about it. However, if you’re like most of the population, you might be worried about all the cookies you’ve been scoffing down, concerned because you keep overeating, and wondering how you’re going to lose the holiday weight once January 1 rolls around. Holidays

I hope that you’re one of the “enlightened” ones who has discovered Intuitive Eating and that those types of worries are a thing of the past. However, if you have recently discovered Intuitive Eating or have been practicing it for some time but are still struggling, you may be rattled by all the holiday food chaos.

You know what I mean. You’re trying honor your fullness but most of the time you don’t. Or, you’ve given yourself permission to eat what you want but still feel guilty (sometimes overwhelming guilty) afterwards. Or, you’re still weighing yourself and telling yourself that you’re not hung up on the number but you really are.

Wherever you are, I get it. As the expression goes, “Been there, done that!“.

If you’re practicing Intuitive Eating but still struggling with the “basics”, the holidays can be a very vulnerable time for you. Let’s face it, during the holidays there is an EXCESS of diet-talk and body bashing going on. Many mainstream dieters (even though they’d swear they’re not dieting) will be expressing their anxiety about their expanding waistlines, how they’ve had little time to exercise because of their hectic schedules, and how they plan to change all of that come January 1. Trust me I know because I hear it daily at my gym!

What I’m going to tell you is always important, but it’s even more so during this time of year. My advice is to STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. Since many people are so food and weight obsessed, especially during the holidays, don’t be surprised if you feel tempted to go into someone else’s “dieting” lane. Let’s face it, Intuitive Eating is not exactly mainstream based on what the general population is doing. Many scoff when they hear about it, but don’t let that discourage you. The fact is that practicing Intuitive Eating is the only way to develop a balanced relationship with food and body. It’s not easy in the beginning, but if you stick with it, you will eventually discover the freedom that you’d been searching for when you were dieting. Dieting will never give you the ease and flow that you’ve craved but Intuitive Eating will.

So instead of getting whisked away and being tempted to go into someone else’s lane because you think that they have the “answer”, think again. One of the best decisions you ever made was giving up dieting and practicing Intuitive Eating. So, STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE and let them live their lives in their lane and you live your life in your lane. If your goal is to develop a balanced relationship with food and body, Intuitive Eating is the only way. 

If you’ve been curious about Intuitive Eating and need help getting started, or have been trying to practice it on your own but not experiencing the freedom I’m describing, consider enrolling in my Intuitive Eating 360 self-paced online course. This course has gotten rave reviews and would make a great holiday gift for yourself or someone you love who is caught up in dieting and body dissatisfaction.

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