Have you tried every diet or “lifestyle” change but you’re still struggling with your weight and body image?  If so, then keep reading because I believe I have a solution for you. Working with me one-to-one can be a transformative experience. During our time together we’ll delve deep into your individual needs so that you can begin to cultivate a more loving, flexible, and self-compassionate relationship with your food and body. Throughout the whole process, I’ll be listening, guiding, and supporting you. 

Program Benefits:
Michelle Vina BaltsasLearn how to uncouple your weight and size from your self worth

Michelle Vina BaltsasDiscover pleasure and satisfaction from eating again without restrictive rules 

Michelle Vina BaltsasRebuild body trust by learning how to live your life intuitively

Michelle Vina BaltsasChallenge your negative thought patterns including “comparisonitis” and perfectionism

Michelle Vina BaltsasDevelop a self-compassion practice that will soothe you even during in the most challenging times

 Program Details:

Michelle Vina Baltsas6 or 12, 50-minute, 1:1 private coaching sessions (via phone or video conferencing)

Michelle Vina BaltsasSupportive materials like articles, helpsheets, books, and journaling prompts tailored specifically to your unique needs

Michelle Vina BaltsasHigh-level support to help keep you focused, grounded, and engaged

Michelle Vina BaltsasUnlimited free email support between sessions 

Investment $1200 (12 sessions)

Investment $600 (6 sessions)


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