Have you tried everything to find peace with food and body but NOTHING worked?  Then the Main Course program is for you. We’ll begin by determining what your individual needs are so we can establish realistic goals for our time together. We cover it all in this program so you can begin to have more ease and flow in your relationship with food and body. If you’re the kind of woman wants to dive deep for lasting change, this private coaching program is perfect for you.

Program Benefits:
Michelle Vina BaltsasLearn to reawaken your intuition so you learn to trust yourself around food again without diets or restricting food

Michelle Vina BaltsasLearn to focus more on self-care instead of weight loss

Michelle Vina BaltsasDiscover how to cultivate more self-compassion and self-awareness toward yourself

Michelle Vina BaltsasRecognize what you’re really hungry for, when it’s not physical nourishment

Michelle Vina BaltsasStop guilting yourself over your food choices so you can feel more relaxed and comfortable around all foods

Michelle Vina BaltsasBegin to uproot any negative beliefs you’re harboring about your body so you can feel more confident and secure

Program Details:

Michelle Vina Baltsas12, 50-minute, 1:1 private coaching sessions (via phone or Zoom video conferencing)

Michelle Vina BaltsasRelevant handouts and exercises tailored specifically to your unique needs

Michelle Vina BaltsasDetailed session notes after each session

Michelle Vina BaltsasHigh-level support to help keep you focused, grounded and engaged

Michelle Vina BaltsasUnlimited free email support between sessions

Michelle Vina BaltsasOnline support in a private Facebook group