This masterclass is about learning to manage the resistance (a.k.a. fear) you experience about movement.

I’ve developed a healthy relationship with movement because it feels good, but it wasn’t always this way. I was stuck in overwhelm, frustration and perfectionism about movement for years! I discovered through doing some research and working with my clients, that consistent movement is a problem for a lot of women. This is something we need to have a conversation about. I have tools that I’ve developed over the years and I want to share them. Ladiesit’s time to move.

This Masterclass is for women who…

  • Don’t feel motivated to move.
  • Want to move more consistently and feel good about it.
  • Feel overwhelmed by adding movement into their lives.
  • Feel uncomfortable about the whole movement idea.

Masterclass benefits…

  • Redefine what movement is.
  • Establish clear and compassionate movement goals.
  • Discover what’s really stopping you from reaching your movement goals.
  • Find joy and excitement around movement.

Masterclass includes…

  • Four LIVE weekly coaching calls (calls will be recorded if you cannot attend live
  • Four (4) weeks in a private Facebook group with like-minded women
  • Weekly Q&A session in the private Facebook group to answer your questions/concerns
  • Weekly action assignments to help reinforce the weekly lessons
  • Love, support, guidance and accountability throughout the entire journey


Masterclass begins on Wednesday, July 5 @ 8 pm EST

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