Do you want to discover food freedom but need some guidance?

If so, my online self-study course is a great way to do this. I created this course to guide you step-by-step through the whole Intuitive Eating process.

This course:

  • Empowers the fed-up dieter who wants to experience food freedom by practicing Intuitive Eating
  • Goes step-by-step to explain all the steps and potential challenges you may encounter during this transition
  • Provides support, encouragement and practical advice to help keep you focused and engaged so you won’t get frustrated
  • Offer activities and helpsheets to reinforce and practice the concepts that are discussed in each lesson
  • Is self-paced and allows you to go through the lectures and activities at your own pace

Enrolling in this course will help to guide you through this transition with more ease. We all need help and support and this course provides that for you so you can have a less frustrating experience. This course is a life safer and provides the support you need to discover the food freedom you well deserve!

This 12 module course is only $76 and you have lifetime access to the materials. If you use coupon code “teacher_michelle_10” you’ll receive a 10% discount!