Does this describe you?

You’re feeling “stuck”, overwhelmed, and frustrated with your eating habits. 

You’re feeling that if you could just talk to someone who’s been through this and come out the other side it would put your mind at ease that you’re on a the right track. 

What will the Side Dish Sessions do for me?

These sessions will help you get crystal clear about what’s holding you back from hostage in improving your relationship with food, your body, living out your dreams, and your desires. These sessions are designed to help you gain clarity, boost your confidence so you don’t go back to dieting, and get you back on track so you can start moving forward with more purpose and ease. 

Are you ready to

Michelle Vina BaltsasBecome more aware of what may be keeping you from reaching your food freedom goal 

Michelle Vina BaltsasHave a solid plan in place that will help guide so you get to the next level in your recovery 

Michelle Vina BaltsasFeel more optimistic and confident so you can move forward in your food freedom journey with more ease 


These sessions are perfect for you if you…

Michelle Vina BaltsasAre seeking guidance around one area of your life – food, “no diet” approach lifestyle, emotional/stress/binge eating, or body image.

Michelle Vina BaltsasHave an idea of what you want your life to look like but need support and clarity to move forward.

Michelle Vina BaltsasAre curious about living a “no diet” approach lifestyle but don’t know how to actually to get started.

Michelle Vina BaltsasAre ready to get honest with yourself and look at what’s reallyholding you back. You’re willing to dive into the mind-body connection with your health and food.

Michelle Vina BaltsasAre sick of criticizing your body but can’t imagine what feeling comfortable in your body would look like.


The Side Dish Session is not for you if…

Michelle Vina BaltsasAre looking for a diet or meal plan.

Michelle Vina BaltsasAre seeking long-term support or struggles in many areas of your life. I have longer programs that offer that level of support, coaching, and guidance.

Michelle Vina BaltsasYou’re not willing to look at all areas of your life (remember that mind-body connection?)


What’s included…

Michelle Vina Baltsas1 brief questionnaire that will help us prepare for our session together

Michelle Vina Baltsas1, 60 minute private sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom

Michelle Vina BaltsasBrief email following the call with action steps 

Investment $100


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